Gibson’s Green Acres – Special Deal!


I am in heaven.  Seriously, how is this the first time I’ve been to Gibson’s Green Acres?  This place now tops my list of favorite fall activities!  Some of the reasons you might appreciate Gibson’s:


The prices are crazy-reasonable to take a family and have fun for hours!  The variety of passes available will fit any families needs and not break the bank.  I was completely {and pleasantly} surprised by how little we paid for our family to visit.

Plus, when you mention WEBER COUNTY MOMS, you can BUY ONE VIP PASS AND GET THE SECOND VIP PASS FREE (one per family)!  Yup, thanks Gibson’s for this awesome offer to our moms!



The variety of pumpkins will fit your porches needs.  They have red, they have white, they have blue (no joke!), they have bumpy, they have smooth, and they have the wheelbarrows to help you cart them out.  Plus, they are cheaper than at your local grocery!



All ages will find something fun to do here.  Teenagers will enjoy running through the haunted corn maze.  Kids will love the petting zoo and corn boxes.  Everyone will have a blast racing down the gigantic hay slide.



It was a great addition to our day to enjoy learning about this history of this working dairy farm.  Hop on the wagon for a ride to see the corn piles, baby cows, and milking facility.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Gibson’s Green Acres.  A word to the wise, make sure you take bug spray – learn from our mistakes 😉


Gibson’s Green Acres is located at 449 South 4700 West in Ogden.
Hours: 4-9 PM Monday-Thursday; 4-11 PM Friday; 11 AM to 11 PM Saturday
Attractions: Corn Maze, Pumpkin Patch, Wagon Rides, Petting Zoo, Hay Slides, Cow Trains, Butter Bouncer, Corn Boxes…


Don’t forget to tag @WeberCountyMoms in your photos and enjoy your special offer!

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